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Zokalo is committed to producing entertaining character-driven projects with a strong international appeal.

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NO TURNING BACK is Zokalo's first feature film. Jesus Nebot and Julia Montejo make their directorial debut in this powerful character-driven drama based on a true story. Visit the No Turning Back webPage!

Jesus Nebot: Director/Writer/Producer

Julia Montejo: Director/Writer

Chris Sablan: Associate Producer/Story by

Director of Photography: Ian Fox

Editors: Irene Blecua, Andrea Zondler

Music: Steven Chesne

  Cast: Jesus Nebot - Pablo, Chelsea Rendon - Christina, Lindsay Price - Soid, Susan Haskell - Mrs. Knight, Paul Ganus - Mr. Knight, Vernee Watson Johnson - Det. Bryant, Robert Vestal - Det. Steven Lightning

Nothing But The Truth is a suspenseful courtroom drama in the tradition of Presumed Innocent. A young lawyer puts his career and life on the lines as he goes against his own firm and the will of the judicial system while attempting to prove the innocence of a drug dealer falsely convicted for rape and murder.


IN THE NAME OF LOVE by Julia Montejo. IN THE NAME OF LOVE is a character-driven romantic thriller to be directed by Academy Award Nominee, Matthew Patrick. A young boy believes he's found happiness within this powerful and wealthy family. But as he grows into manhood, his jealous siblings take every opportunity to ensure that he doesn't obtain a piece of their fortune.

Principal photography is scheduled to take place in Canada in March, 2003.

  GOD'S WILL, created by Jesus Nebot and Julia Montejo, is Zokalo's first television sit-com. Grab four very different Latinos, a very conservative Caucasian, an eclectic African-American and mix them up in a funeral home and you get… God's Will. This hilarious English-speaking sit-com portrays funny and colorful characters trying to pursue their dreams in Los Angeles.

IN THE NAME OF LOVE by Julia Montejo


Character-Driven Romantic Thriller

In the magical town of Chimesville, a place dedicated to making beautiful hand crafted toys, Marco, a charismatic Latin boy, has just been adopted by the Prescotts. He believes to have found the American dream within this powerful and wealthy family, but his jealous siblings take every opportunity to ensure that he wonít take a piece of their fortune.

This doesnít stop Marco from building a reputation in his new fatherís business, and falling in love with the one woman his step-brother has always wanted. But when the father announces that he will be retiring and putting Marco in charge of the family business, jealousy turns to murder, and the American Dream turns into a nightmare. Marco is framed for his fatherís death and sent to prison, losing everything heís worked so hard for.

Now, 11 years later, Marco is released and returns home. But he is no longer that bright eyed boy building castles in the sky. This time he is more determined than ever, and in a game where the stakes are life and death and nothing is what it seems, he will do whatever it takes to get back everything he has lost, including the woman he still loves.

Director: Matthew Patrick; Writer: Julia Montejo; Producer: Jesus Nebot; Music: Steven Chesne; Starring: Jesus Nebot

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